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I am just starting to get interested in history after loathing it in school classes. I realized that it can actually be interesting when it's not just facts and dates but stories of real things that happened to real people.

I'm looking for some recommendations for some non-fiction books that are relatively short (not kids' picture books but also not giant anthologies) about some different periods in American history that I don't know much about but would like to know more about. I want books that read more like a novel and less like a textbook. But I want good, true history as well. They don't have to be overarching and completely encompassing the whole period or war, because those are generally not detailed enough to be interesting. However, I want more than just "this woman's story," because those stories tend to not be connected enough to the event itself. I'm interested in things like why events happened or were important. I'd rather read four really great short and well-written novels about battles that George Washington led in the Revolutionary War, the drafting of the declaration of independence, what role women had in the war, and how the British fighting style was used against them, then one long book that encompasses all that in a dry and boring style.

The periods I'm interested in reading more about are both World Wars, the revolutionary war, the Korean conflict, and the Great Depression.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations. I'm sorry if I sound really specific but I figure the more specific I was the more likely I was to get recommendations that I would enjoy.

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