frabjous (onefrabjousday) wrote in historylit,

Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson

A World War II era book from an author responsible for the technogeek book Snow Crash using attitudinal punchy prose that clings to you and that you eventually come to enjoy.

Involving the intertwined lives of men [and their descendants] involved in a conspiracy around Arethusa and gold bullion, with loads of info about the war, code-breaking techniques and other technical information that tends to pop up, like supposed "Van Eyck" phreaking. A bit of a geeky technical read intertwined with history, this book nevertheless occasionally bows to those who prefer a more nitty gritty experience.

Overall well-balanced, and a fun and quick read.

I also recommend Snow Crash by the same author, although that is more futuristic than historical.
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